Very safe welded mesh panel

Resistor fence

Resistor is a welded steel mesh panel having very small meshes (76.2 x 12.7 mm), constructed from vertical and horizontal steel rods (ΓΈ 4 mm). These rods are welded together at every intersection, which results in a very sturdy mat with a high resistance against tampering. Resistor steel mesh panels are primarily used for prisons, shelters, railway installations, soccer stadiums, military domains, nuclear plants, embassies, banks, etc... 

The Resistor welded steel mesh panel is hot dip galvanized and polyester coated, which gives it an excellent protection against corrosion. (Available in several default colours)

To place the Resistor welded steel mesh panels, rectangular poles are used, having special mounting clips or a system with clamp bar and cover plate, which makes it impossible for an intruder to loosen the steel mesh panel from the pole.

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  • Type: Soldered steel mesh
  • Product name: Resistor
  • Version: Default