Quality in Kopal

CE certified 150dpikopie

Quality is our first priority

Throughout the entire production proces of our products, quality is our main concern. This is notably the case in the choice of the material, the development of our own control software, the attention for technical details, etc...

Our modern machinery and our highly qualified staff guarantee a decently finished product, that complies with all possible product requirements. On each level, we continuously strive to improve our products, which therefore comply with the most stringent safety standards.

“We are what we repeatdely do.
Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

CE-marking / By applying the CE-marking, Kopal indicates that the product complies with all applicable European regulations and that the conformity or compliance procedures have been completed. In the conformity declaration, it is indicated that the product complies with all applicable European directives. More information about the law in this area can be found on the website www.europa.eu.

Choose your colour


ll products from Kopal are available in several standard colours, but can also be coated in a custom RAL colour. The choice is yours.

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Taurus automatic sliding gate on rail

 Taurus rail staalmatten 05

Discover the new Taurus T2 sliding gate from Kopal: an elegant and well thought design! Available in different styles.

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In the picture - The Jungle fence


The Jungle bar fence has an innovative and playfull look and fits perfectly into an urban environment.

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