Limitor is a diamond shaped wire gauze having a high dimensional stability. The gauze is placed on round poles, with or without upper tube, so that a rigid, straight fence is formed. Through the use of an upper tube, the fence can be used for covering with vegetation. Kopal has an extensive range op poles, tubes and accessories that allow for a perfectly appropriate fence for every application.

Limitor is well protected against corrosion: The solid wires are galvanized and plasticized. This way, Limitor has a double protection. The poles and accessories also are corrosion resistant, allowing the complete fence to have a long service life. By default, the Limitor has a green plastification, though other colours are possible on request.

Limitor is suppllied in rolls of 25 meters, having a brown unrolling ribbon and is wrapped in stretch film.


  • Type: Woven mesh
  • Product name: Limitor
  • Version: Default