Panofor 3D welded steel mesh

Panofor 3D is a welded steel mesh panel with a standard length of 2.5 meters that is constructed from vertical and horizontal steel rods having a diameter of 5 mm. These rods are welded together at every intersection, which results in a very sturdy mat. The panofor 3D panel has several horizontal profiles (depending on the height of the panel), which creates an even sturdier panel.

The Panofor 3D welded steel mesh panel is hot dip galvanized and polyester coated, which gives it an excellent protection against corrosion. The Panofor 3D steel mesh panel is available in several standard colours from Kopal.

To place the Panofor 3D welded steel mesh panels, square or rectangular poles are used, having special mounting clips that allow slight movement of the panel. This way, the poles can compensate for expansion of the panels under the influence of sunlight or temperature raises, so that the panels are free from deforming.


  • Type: Soldered steel mesh
  • Product name: Panofor 3D
  • Version: Default