Limitor wire closure

Limitor wire closure

Limitor is a woven mesh in diamond shapes which keeps its shape very well. The wire mesh is mounted on round poles, with or without upper tube, to form a tight straight fence. Adding a top tube makes the closure ideal for vegetation. KOPAL has an large range of tube poles and accessories, which offer a suitable solution for every application.

The Limitor wires are double protected against corrosion by galvanizing AND plasticizing. This also applies to the poles and accessories which ensure a very sustainable Limitor fence. By default, the Limitor wire is coated with a green plastic layer, but other colors are possible as well. Limitor is supplied on 25 meter rolls, with a brown wrapper. Finally sealed with a plastic film.

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  • Type: Woven mesh
  • Product name: Limitor
  • Version: Default