Tailor made fences: the strength of Kopal

Maatwerk Poort KOPAL

Need a tailor-made gate?

Sometimes the choice for a standard gate is not an option or practically unfeasible. Some applications sometimes require a lot of special features and specific product requirements. And therefore cannot be found on the market. The only solution is tailor-made.

Personalised gates
Kopal has a whole range of standard dimensions in its range, suitable for most applications. If you want specific dimensions, Kopal will solve this problem too. In consultation, KOPAL advises and supports you in the search for the best custom made solutions. Thanks to the know-how, we think creative and anticipate according to your requirements.
A strength and passion we cherish.

 U0A1859 Jungle maatwerk poort smal

Choose your colour



All products from Kopal are available in several standard colours, but can also be coated in a custom RAL colour. The choice is yours.

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Taurus T2 cantilevered sliding gate

T2 met spijlen groen LR








 Discover the new Taurus T2 sliding gate from Kopal: an elegant and well thought design!

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Product in the spotlight - Jungle

Jungle hekwerk

 The Jungle bar fence has an innovative and playfull look and fits perfectly into an urban environment.

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