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The importance of an appropriate colour

Besides the aesthetic aspect, a beautiful colour also gives a longer life and a better protection to your gates and fences. A galvanized gate is perhaps already sufficiently protected and may look good according to some, most people still want a gate that fits perfectly in the environment in which it is placed. The same is true for fencing. The result is that our products have to be available in several colours, so that everyone can find his own taste when ordering a fence or gate.  

Kopal colours

Kopal offers the most requested colours as standard colours. Nevertheless, it is also possible to order an own, personalized colour. The only condition is that the personalized color is one from the RAL colour palette, in a glossy version. That is the power of Kopal: thanks to our own powder coating department, we can deliver almost all products in a personalized RAL colour. 

The table on this page shows a list of the standard colours from Kopal. For a personalized colour that is not included in this table, a small fee is charged. More information in the Kopal Tariff.

Attention: The colours you see on our site, can differ slightly from the colours in real life. This is amongst others caused by the screen you are using to view the site.  Please keep this in mind when choosing your colour.

For a complete list of all existing RAL colours, please visit

RAL code Colour nameColour example(approximately)
RAL 6005 Moss green    
RAL 6009 Fir green    
RAL 7039 Quartz grey    
RAL 7016 Anthracite grey    
RAL 9010 Pure white    
RAL 9005bl Jet black glossy    
RAL 9004m Signal black mat    

Choose your colour



All products from Kopal are available in several standard colours, but can also be coated in a custom RAL colour. The choice is yours.

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Taurus T2 cantilevered sliding gate

T2 met spijlen groen LR








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