Swing and sliding gates, trellis end fences for professionals


Since it's foundation, Kopal has made bar fences with a modern or classic look, with or without decorative rings, spearpoints or ornamental bars. It offers a protection against intruders and adds value to the environment in which it is placed.


All types of bar fences have vertical bars and look very straight and tight. The Jungle bar fence has bars that are placed in a random manner and even cross one another at certains points. The bars pass through the upper and lower beams, giving the Jungle fence extra strength and a discouraging look. 

Kopal has developped swing gates and sliding gates that match the Jungle bar fence, so one can create a fence with gates, all having the same look and feel.

Also have a look at Jungle gates.

JUNGLE HEKWERK KORT LICHTGRIJS 02 Jungle draaipoort grijs

The Jungle fences are available in several standard colours. Subject to an additional price the gates can be painted in other coulours.

Kleuren RAL ENG

More information: www.jungleyourgarden.be.

Choose your colour


ll products from Kopal are available in several standard colours, but can also be coated in a custom RAL colour. The choice is yours.

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Taurus automatic sliding gate on rail

 Taurus rail staalmatten 05

Discover the new Taurus T2 sliding gate from Kopal: an elegant and well thought design! Available in different styles.

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In the picture - The Jungle fence


The Jungle bar fence has an innovative and playfull look and fits perfectly into an urban environment.

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