Draaipoort Prince - Kopal

Prince swing gate

The Prince swing gate is the top model in Kopal's series of ornamental gates. This gate has all accessories:

  • Bars
  • Spearheads
  • Extra bars
  • Decorative rings

The bars in the Prince swing gate have a spear point on top. The soldered extra bars are made of solid steel rod and have a French lily on top. The bars are finished by a solid flat. In the old days, the extra bars served to keep small domestic animals inside. Nowadays they have a more decorative function.

The flowing form 'chapeau NapolĂ©on' runs from the center to the sides with a height decrease of about 30 cm. Each wing has a solid ground bolt to lock the wing in open or closed position.

For the Prince swing gate one can obtain similar fencing panels, so a visually appealing fence can be created.


  • Type: Ornamental gate
  • Product name: Marquis Prince
  • Version: Default