Draaipoort Marquis - Kopal

Marquis swing gate

The Marquis swing gate from Kopal is characterized by the extra bars between the normal bars. In the old days, these extra bars served to keep small domestic animals inside. Nowadays they have a more decorative function. The flowing form 'chapeau Napoléon' runs from the center to the sides with a height decrease of about 30 cm.

The bars of the Marquis swing gate are finished with a spearhead on the top. The extra bars are made of solid steel rod and are finished with a French lily on top. The construction of these bars is finished with a solid flat.  Each wing has a solid ground bolt to lock the wing in open or closed position.

For the Marquis swing gate one can obtain similar fencing panels, so a visually appealing fence can be created.


  • Type: Ornamental gate
  • Product name: Marquis Prince
  • Version: Default