Industriële draaipoort - Kopal

Industrial swing gate

The industrial swing gate from Kopal combines robustness and security intrusion with a low maintenance finish. The industrial swing gate is constructed from a diagonally welded steel tube, the diameter of which depends on the length of the wing. The wing is filled up with square bars, the diameter of which also depends on the height of the wing. The size of the lower beam is dependent on the wing length.

The industrial swing gate from Kopal allows a passage from 1 to 12 meters. The maximum wing lenght is 6 meters. The wings are hung on a solid support pole having adjustable hinges that allow the wing to open 180°. From a minimum height of 1.80 meters, the industrial swing gate from Kopal is equipped with a toothed strip on the upper beam.


  • Type: Industrial gate
  • Version: Default