Industriële draaipoort - Kopal

Arena swing gate

The Arena swing gate from Kopal was designed to be placed in a fence built with Arena style bars fencing panels. The gate looks just the same als the Arena fencing panels, making it fit seamlessly into the fence.

The Arena swing gate is available with one or two wings, for a maximum passage of 12 meters. The bars of the Arena swing gate are rotated by 45°, just like the bars in the Arena fencing panels. They protrude the upper and lower beams and are beveled at the top. This makes the Arena swing gate secure in combination with Arena fencing. Of course, the Arena swing gate can also be used seperately, without Arena fencing, to secure an entry next to a building for example.

The adjustable hinges of the Arena swing gate make it possible to open the wings to 180°.


  • Type: Industrial gate
  • Product name: Arena
  • Version: Default