Alzebra Blind draaipoort

Alzebra Blind swing gate

The Alzebra Blind swing gate is made completely of aluminium, making it highly resistant to corrosion and giving it a very long service life. It is also a lot lighter than a gate made of steel, making it easier to open and close the gate. Add the hinges with ball bearings to this and you get a gate that is very light to handle. The hinges are adjustable and allow the gate wings to be neatly adjusted so they are in line. The wings can be opened at 180°.

The Alzebra Blind swing gate is available with one or two wings, in which one can choose to place the lamellae horizontally or vertically. The lamellae are concatenated, so your privacy is guaranteed.

The lock case with day/night locking system in combination with the solid ground bolts give the Alzebra Blind a reassuring protection against intruders.


  • Type: Swing gate
  • Product name: Alzebra
  • Version: Default