Draaipoort Aluette - Kopal

Aluette swing gate

The Aluette swing gate is made completely of aluminium, making it highly resistant to corrosion and giving it a very long service life. It has a maximum passage width of 1.5 m and a maximum height of 2 m.

The Aluette swing gate is usually installed next to an Aluette sliding gate as a gateway for pedestrians. To create a visual unity between the swing gate and the sliding gate, the Aluette swing gate comes in 5 different versions:

  • Standard with bars (square, round or Romance)
  • Combination of bars and lamellae
  • Closed lamellae
  • Lamellae with spacing 15 or 80 mm
  • Perforated plate

It is naturally also possible to use the Aluette swing gate as an independant gate for smaller entrances. The Aluette swing gate has a beautiful design that fits perfectly in an environment with modern buildings.



  • Type: Swing gate
  • Product name: Aluette
  • Version: Default