Taurus schuifpoort op rail

Taurus porte sliding gate on rail

The Taurus sliding gate on rail from Kopal was designed to professionally close larger passage ways. The wing runs on two wheels of steel on a rail which is incorporated into the ground. The Taurus sliding gate on rail has already proven it's reliability during the past years.

The special shape of the lower beam of the Taurus gate gives the entire wing an improved stiffness, both laterally and transversely. This makes the Taurus sliding gate on rail a lot stronger than other comparable sliding gates for passage openings up to 12 meters.

The Taurus sliding gate is available in different finishes:

  • with standard round bars
  • Traversa: round bars that go through the upper beam and are chamfered at 45° on top
  • Rondo: round bars with soldered ornamental rings on top
  • Jumila: a combination of Traversa and Rondo
  • Lancio: as Jumila, but with graceful spearheads instead of chamfered bars
  • with steel mesh that is fixed in the frame


  • Type: Sliding gate steel
  • Product name: Taurus
  • Version: Default