Pretorian hybride schuifpoort standaard

Pretorian sliding gate hybride

The Pretorian sliding gate is a leading product in the world of fencing thanks to the unparalleled combination of galvanized steel, featherlight aluminium and stainless steel. The CE approved Pretorian sliding gate has a unique concept and motorisation and is moreover equipped with a beautiful, stylish console. This console conceals discretely all operating and automation components.

The Pretorian sliding gate is fully assembled and adjusted in the factory, so once delivered, it is operational in no time. The gate has also been thoroughly tested, so after placement no significant problems are to be expected.

The Pretorian sliding gate is placed primarily in places where a larger passage opening is required (up to 11 meters). Due to the high level of finishing, the Pretorian sliding gate gives a special charisma and prestige to the environment in which it is placed.


  • Type: Sliding gate hybrid
  • Product name: Pretorian
  • Version: Default