Jumbo J2

The Jumbo J2 cantilevered sliding gate from Kopal can be used in practically all places, because it is completely independent of the surface under the wing. Thanks to a well-designed guidance system, the gate wing hovers above ground.

The Jumbo J2 is designed to close passage ways from 6 to 13 m wide (with a total gate length of 8.10 to 16 m).

If necessary, the Jumbo J2 gate can be automated by the installer by adding a toothed bar and strong motorisation, together with all necessarey safety and steering-accessories.

De Jumbo J2 is galvanized and has a polyester powder coating, which results in a long life span. Alle mounting accessories are made of aluminium, stainless steel or plastic.


  • Type: Sliding gate steel
  • Product name: Jumbo
  • Version: Default