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Jumbo J2

The Jumbo J2 sliding gate on rail from Kopal was designed to professionally close large passage ways. The wing runs on wheels of steel on a rail which is incorporated into the ground.

The special shape of the lower beam of the Jumbo J2 gate gives the entire wing an improved stiffness, both laterally and transversely. This makes the Jumbo sliding gate on rail a lot stronger than other comparable sliding gates for passage openings up to 16 meters. Even larger passages are possible on demand.

The Jumbo J2 can be automated by the installer, for which he will need a toothed bar, a strong motor and the necessary safety and command accessories.

The Jumbo J2 gates are galvanized and coated with a polyester powder coating. All mounting accessories are made of aluminium, stainless steel or plastic.



  • Type: Sliding gate steel
  • Product name: Jumbo
  • Version: Default