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The Marquis ornamental bar fence is constructed from a steel frame with welded vertical bars. The upper and lower beams are made of full flat iron strips. The bars pass through the upper and lower beams and have an elegant spearhead on top. Between the bars, smaller bars are added, having a French lily on top and a finishing beam of flat iron. The steel frames are attached to the posts with corrosion free bolts.

The Marquis ornamental bar fence is fully galvanised and has a polyester powder coating. This way, the fence has a high resistance against corrosion. Moreover, the colour of the fence can be chosen in a way that the fence fits perfectly in the environment. Kopal offers a number of standard colours, but it is also possible to choose an own, specific RAL color for the Marquis ornamental bar fence.


  • Type: Ornamental bar fencing
  • Product name: Marquis Prince
  • Version: Standard