Traversa fences

The Gardia bar fence is constructed from a steel frame with welded vertical bars. The fence radiates robustness and safety. Gardia is highly resistant to vandalism and is difficult to climb. In the Gardia Traversa version, the bars pass through the upper and lower beams and are chamfered at 45° on top as well as at the bottom end. In the Gardia Traversa Tri version, an extra upper beam is added, at a distance of 180 mm of the first one or at a distance of choice. In the Gardia Traversa Quatro version, two extra beams are added, one under the upper beam and one above the lower beam, so that in total 4 beams are present. The steel frames are attached to the posts with fixing plugs and rods. The horizontal beams have a tunnel-like profile, which evacuates water in an easy way and prevents dust accumulation.

The Gardia bar fence is fully galvanised and has a polyester powder coating. This way, the fence has a high resistance against corrosion. Moreover, the colour of the fence can be chosen in a way that the fence fits perfectly in the environment. Kopal offers a number of standard colours, but it is also possible to choose an own, specific RAL color for the Gardia bar fence.


  • Type: Bar fencing
  • Version: Traversa, Traversa Tri & Traversa Quatro