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For more than 30 years  Kopalvanafingang

Kopal was founded in 1980. The company became a reference in the Belgian market very quickly thanks to the common sense and the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Mr. Stefaan Talpe.

The company has about 90 employees and covers an area of about 15000 m2. Kopal has its own Research & Development department, modern production facilities, a fully automated powder coating department and a private fleet, supplemented with external partners.


Kopal was a pioneer in offering fully automated products. The house developped automation is invisibly integrated in the design. Each gate leaving the factory has undergone a thorough inspection, with each part carefully tested. Each gate gets its own CE-label after approval. 

Besides Belgium, Kopal is mainly active in France and the Netherlands, but also in Denmark, Latvia, Great Britain and Germany, where a number of loyal dealers are resided. 

Choose your colour



All products from Kopal are available in several standard colours, but can also be coated in a custom RAL colour. The choice is yours.

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Taurus T2 cantilevered sliding gate

T2 met spijlen groen LR








 Discover the new Taurus T2 sliding gate from Kopal: an elegant and well thought design!

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Product in the spotlight - Jungle

Jungle hekwerk

 The Jungle bar fence has an innovative and playfull look and fits perfectly into an urban environment.

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