New sliding gate - Taurus T2

The cantilevered Taurus gate is evolving

For years Kopal makes the well known Taurus sliding gates. These gates have a rock-solid reputation in the market and would still be there for a very long time, but after so many years, they were in need of an update.  

What's new

The classic porches are replaced by sleek and elegant posts and the lower beam of the gate is now a modern-looking C-profile. The guidance system is incorporated in the gate wing: at the bottom a guidance train keeps the gate in a precise course, while on top the support wheels are rolling in the upper, specially profiled beam. 

Manual or automatic

The new Taurus T2 sliding gate is available in a manual and an automatic version. For the automatic version an external, compact but strong motor with toothed bar is used. The toothed bar is mounted in the factory, which means the installer gains a lot of time when installing the gate.  

Choose your colour

Like most of the Kopal products, the Taurus T2 sliding gate is available in the standard Kopal colours. Other colours are available on demand.

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